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Whole Foods Intros Marketplace Station

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Planet-Tek Systems, a provider of digital signage management solutions, has launched The Marketplace Station series of digital signage "stations" at Whole Foods Market locations in Toronto (Yorkville) and Oakville. The stations, with targeted full-motion communications in select store departments, help marketers in store heighten their point-of-purchase initiatives, and benefit consumers with product info and food/lifestyle ideas.

"Our partnership with Whole Foods will see us providing 10 unique digital stations to reach thousands of consumers each week while they shop," says George Andreoglou, president of Planet-Tek Systems. "The Marketplace Station communicates with consumers from the moment they enter the store with 'The Welcome Station' and continues to be part of their in-store shopping experience from department to department with stations such as 'The Produce Station' and 'The Ecological Station.'"

Stations showcase a mix of vendor-promotional segments and editorial segments focusing on nutrition, fitness, leisure, environment and other lifestyle aspects of interest to health-aware consumers, while they're making their purchase decisions. Retail industry stats show 70-percent of purchase decisions happen at the store level.

Planet-Tek has a five-year partnership with Whole Foods Market. Peter Hilge, head of Ontario regional division of Whole Foods Market, says, "We believe our digital signage network will provide an effective means to communicate promotional opportunities for us at Whole Foods and our suppliers in store."

The Marketplace Station concept, two years in the making, is one answer to help marketers in tough economic times looking for cost effective, measurable tactics to increase retail sales. Each station uses best in class digital technology that allows for the remote management and scheduling of full-motion communications. A software application is also in place to comprehend viewer metrics of each digital station, for hands-on tactical management of campaigns from start to finish.

Planet-Tek and Whole Foods Market will work together to handle promotions and advertising sales across the stations to suppliers.

For more information on Planet-Tek Systems Inc. products/services, visit www.themarketplacestation.com.


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