The Stimson Group Introduces Framing Your Future Program -

The Stimson Group Introduces Framing Your Future Program

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DALLAS, TX--The Stimson Group of Dallas, TX announces the introduction of a new strategic planning session called Framing Your Future. This program is a one-day group strategy session that will analyze key trends affecting the AV Industry over the next three to five years. The program is based on the findings of The InfoComm 100, an international group of AV leaders and visionaries invited by InfoComm International to discuss trends and issues that will challenge the AV Industry. A white paper on this think tank’s conclusions will soon be available from InfoComm International at

“The 100 was an exhilarating event and the exposure to so many brilliant people made this a once in a lifetime experience. I was humbled to be there,” says Tom Stimson, President of The Stimson Group. “The event’s deliverable is a valuable roadmap for the AV Industry and The Stimson Group intends to make it an accessible and insightful tool for any organization that values long range planning.”

Framing Your Future is designed as a stand-alone event to help participants break away from long-held viewpoints about how the AV Industry is positioned. It could also be applied in a Strategic Planning Program as a traditional PEST Analysis (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological). Participants from the same company will review the future assumptions and learn how to creatively apply the implications to their business.

For organizations that are looking to add a motivational presentation to their meeting, Tom Stimson has also developed a Keynote speech based on the InfoComm 100’s findings. Beyond the Gadgets - How to Prevent the Demise of the AV Industry is a call to action and a rejection of the status quo for the AV Industry. “Customers want more from a traditional AV supplier than is currently being offered.” Tom expands, “There are clear trends that point to a collaboration model that exceeds our ability to be creative. We have to fix this now or cede to competing industries like IT.”

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