AMETEK Adds Expert Manager Predictive Maintenance Technology to ESP, SurgeX Brands -

AMETEK Adds Expert Manager Predictive Maintenance Technology to ESP, SurgeX Brands

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AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection has added Expert Manager to standard Next Gen and Envision software. Expert Manager provides analysis of a complex array of power-related data with the ability to translate that data instantly into reports that pinpoint problems and offer solutions to solve them.

According to the company, Expert Manager is the first software tool in the industry that analyzes a wide range of conditions and issues, such as electrical parameter data, under-voltages, over-voltages, or power outages and surges. It provides various solutions to mitigate problems at the touch of a button. When combined with ESP/SurgeX cloud capabilities, Expert Manager also can send power quality alerts to users as a preventative measure.

“Every time a piece of equipment needs replacing or is taken offline because of a power-related issue, it costs money,” said AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection business manager, Dave Perrotta. “Expert Manager minimizes costs associated with power-related downtime because it provides instant monitoring of power quality and allows a technician to take immediate corrective action when diagnostic equipment detects an abnormality.”

Without proper diagnostic intelligence equipment, power issues often go unnoticed or misdiagnosed as “no problem found.” Over time, small issues can become more serious and result in unnecessary parts replacement, increased service costs, profit loss and customer frustration.

The robust analytics tool offers a corrective course that can be as simple as adjusting an abnormal load, or something more serious like contacting an electrician to correct excessive neutral-ground voltage. Expert Manager is designed to help keep connected equipment running smoother without disruption, against a wide variety of power issues.


ESP/SurgeX Acquires Its International Brand

Power management brand SurgeX just made things a little easier to understand. North Carolina-based SurgeX and SurgeX International had been two separate companies since Electronic Systems Protection Inc. (ESP) acquired SurgeX North America in 2008. Now they're back together following ESP/SurgeX's acquisition of its international brand.