Technomad Launches Online Order System for Professional Audio Industry

Technomad Launches Online Order System for Professional Audio Industry
  • BOSTON, MA--Technomad launched its new web order system at the company's website, The Technomad Online Quote and Order System brings the conveniences of online purchasing to the company's network of authorized dealers and resellers.

Technomad's new online order system.
Technomad's complete range of professional audio loudspeakers and Turnkey PA Systems are available for purchase through the Online Order system. Technomad dealers can also purchase a wide selection of replacement woofers, tweeters, and diaphragms via the site's easy-to-use drop down menu. Dealers can generate immediate price quotes for customers, including shipping costs to the customer's location, eliminating the need to call Technomad for the exact cost of an order. Dealers can take time efficiency a step further by adding a book of addresses to place instant drop ship orders for faster turnaround times.

According to David Meyer, Commercial Sales Manager for Technomad Associates, LLC, the company contacted Technomad dealers for feedback on browsing and purchasing features in advance of launching the order system. "Customer feedback was absolutely essential to the design process," said Meyer. "Many of our dealers have since responded that the Technomad Web Order System has the easiest and most intuitive interface among the other manufacturers that offer similar order systems."

The Technomad Online Quote and Order System is available to all Technomad dealers and resellers in good standing who have a signed Dealer Agreement on file. Technomad dealers can contact David Meyer at 800-464-7757, x3, for information on how to obtain a User Name and Password to access their online account.