Medialon Unveils MI Player For Public Venues

  • Medialon has launched Medialon MIP (Multimedia Interactive Player), a robust player especially designed for multimedia playback applications, Medialon MIP is ideal for public venues such as museums, rides, interactive kiosks and dynamic signage applications. Capable of playing any type of media, Medialon MIP operates in an easy-to-use, stand alone, plug-and-play mode.
  • It can be configured and programmed via the Internet, TCP/IP network, Web browser or by Medialon Show Manager.
  • Compatible with all media (including JPEG, MPEG, HD video, Flash, PPT and html pages), Medialon MIP plays media files stored on its hard disk and media accessible via URL links to Web sites or video streams. Several windows can be created, dividing the display screen into independent players.
  • The Web editor enables scrolling text (ticker) messages to be displayed locally or from a distant point for visitors� information, people seeking or evacuation warnings.
  • For information, visit