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Flush Connections

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Table and Floor Boxes Push Aesthetic Connectivity

Regardless of installation type, the need for neatly kept, easily concealed power connections is essential. Today’s table and floor box solutions hone in on aesthetic features that further promote ease of use, broader system connectivity, and, in some cases, more focused applications. Here’s a look at some of the latest.

ACE Conference Port

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Designed to be inconspicuous, ACE Backstage Company’s Conference Port hides networking cables and power cords neatly, maintaining the professional aesthetics of a boardroom, classroom, or presentation facility table. This tabletop pocket provides convenient access to cables as they pull through to slide in and out of the storage well. As plugs are needed, the low profile lid slides into the pocket out of sight, or it can rest flush to the table with cables exiting through the flange slot. The Conference Port is installed without the need for intricate routing because the machine-rounded, beveled flange sits virtually flush on a tabletop surface. Built from cold roll steel, this tabletop pocket is die pressed and welded, forming a consistently square, dimensionally stabile enclosure.

Wiremold RFB4E

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The RFB4E series four-compartment, recessed floor box provides ample capacity where a larger box is not required. This box uses Wiremold’s Evolution cover for aesthetics throughout a building. The RFB4E series floor box is available for on-grade and above-grade construction and is fully adjustable before and after the concrete pour. Twenty-six knockouts on the sides and bottom, ranging in size from 0.75 to two inches, provide installation flexibility. A proprietary conduit hub accepts two-inch conduit to bring more cables into the four-inch deep box. Removable dividers and a detachable side plate facilitate passthrough tunneling.


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FSR’s new T3-MJ+ table microphone box series furnishes a solution for mounting gooseneck microphones. The mini table box is available in several models and accommodates a range of tables and lecterns. The T3-MJ+ is available in three finishes: black, brass, and aluminum. The basic model offers improved noise isolation and features a built-in, acoustically isolated microphone connector to accommodate mics with three-pin XLR plugs of one-inch or less diameter or less and provides shock and vibration damping. Enhanced units, T3-MJ+1B and T3-MJ+2B, offer one or two additional buttons and are custom assembled with momentary or maintain type switches and various switch caps and bi-color LEDs. T3-MJ+1BM and T3-MJ+2BM models feature an internally pre-wired built in mute feature. All models, except the base unit, provide a screw terminal connection to the mic.

Altinex TNP128, TNP128C

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Available in both standard and custom configurations, the TNP128 and TNP128C interconnect boxes offer one touch access to power connections. The standard TNP128 provides a single input plate with HDMI, VG A, network (RJ-45 F-M), and computer/MP3 audio (3.5mm F-M) input connections in six-foot lengths. It also provides an AC power connection in 9-10-foot (2.7-3.0m) lengths. Pushing down on the top cover accesses the TNP128’s input plate. The unit then auto-tilts open with assistance from an internal pneumatic spring. Once open, the input plate remains securely in place. The input plate is hidden, or closed, by pressing down on the top cover until the latching mechanism engages. In its closed position, the top panel lies flush with the table’s top, held in place by the latching mechanism.

Extron TLP 710CV

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The Extron TLP 710CV is a configurable seven-inch Cable Cubby TouchLink touchpanel that combines AV system control with an Extron Cable Cubby enclosure. It features a flip-up, full-color, high-resolution touchscreen, metal enclosure that can be mounted securely into a tabletop, lectern, or other flat surface. An integrated MTP twisted pair receiver accepts S-video or composite video and audio input signals over Cat-5-type cable. Power over ethernet allows the touchpanel to receive power and control over an additional Cat-5-type cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply. The touchpanel enables integrators to deploy furniture-mountable, fully configurable touchscreen control, with cable management, and access to AV connectivity and power.


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