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American Digital Signage for Niemann Foods

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American Digital Signage, a Digital Out of Home network and digital signage solutions provider today this week that it was chosen by retail chain and grocery operator Niemann Foods Incorporated to provide an integrated digital marketing program wrapping digital signage and mobile text messaging to communicate store announcements and sales promotions to customers for a pilot at their Quincy, Illinois County Market store. This opt-in service provides instant access to customers, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to save as they are shopping.

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous throughout the country and have become a compelling marketing and promotions tool. Tying messaging on digital signs at checkout to a mobile platform enables retailers to devise creative programs at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. This multi platform approach of interaction with customers can run standalone or feed directly into existing customer appreciation programs. One of the key features for retailers is that they do not have to worry about their local staff managing and distributing promotional materials since everything can be done electronically.

Consumers are alerted to the free program via the American Digital Signage network LCD monitors located at the County Market check out lanes. They simply send a text message via their mobile phone to opt into the County Market Mobile Value Club. As soon as a customer signs up for the program they are confirmed with a text message containing a special coupon.

“We are excited about the opportunity and the early response to this new marketing tool. NFI marketing programs are centered on building a loyal relationship with our customers while providing exceptional values. The nature of text messaging allows quick turn around and is focused on a known
audience, allowing us to be more aggressive with each offer. Mobile marketing opens up a new door to further enhancing the relationship with current customers while attracting new shoppers with a progressive communication media,” said Ron Cook, Vice President of Marketing at Niemann Foods Incorporated. “An additional benefit is the highly efficient method of communication. Offers are going to customers that want to be engaged with your store. It's a great program to integrate with recruiting programs to get them involved quickly with your branding. Early results tell us this will generate greater response and participation in the program. We have already added promotional announcements for gas and milk discount programs to keep the 'conversation' exciting.”

“We know consumers are looking for savings given the state of the economy, and that retailers are looking for more cost effective means to show value to their customers,” commented Drew Bernstein, EVP Sales and Marketing of American Digital Signage. “NFI is providing its customers a truly innovative service taking advantage of the one of the things people carry with them at all times, their mobile phone and informing them as they go through checkout with our digital screens. We are seeing the adoption of this blend of consumer promotion between SMS messaging and digital displays as a growing trend amongst retailers across the country as they look for more creative ways to interact with their customers.”

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