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  • Ireland's Digital Reach Group (DRG) is among the first customers worldwide to deploy's cloud-based Interactivity Suite (IS) through a rent-to-own (RTO) program. As a result, DRG can offer its clients interactive media campaigns that include mobile marketing dialogs, social media integration, user-generated content, digital signage, and opt-in databases — all powered by's interactive technology.
  • DRG was founded in 2009 to help Irish companies connect with customers on the go in relevant and meaningful ways, thus optimizing the brand experience. DRG offers a full end-to-end service to businesses, including guidance in extending Web publishing to mobile application development for iPhone®, iPad™, Android®, and other platforms, and in the planning and implementation of mobile marketing campaigns.
  • "We're seeing increased demand for the types of services IS facilitates," said Colm Grealy, DRG CEO. "The rent-to-own model gives us the best, most affordable means of providing those services. As for the IS toolkit itself, it reduces the number of steps required to develop a mobile marketing campaign, thus shortening its time to market. For successful mobile marketing, being fast is key. Add on's terrific customer service, and any way you look at it, this has the makings of a very successful partnership."
  • IS combines 10 years of the firm's accumulated experience, expertise, and labor into an interactivity toolkit so that DRG and its clients can develop their own interactive campaigns quickly and easily. The RTO program takes the functionality of multiple reliable services, including viewer polls, votes, chat, Twitter-to-screen, and Facebook-to-screen, and bundles them into one cloud-based package. IS connects with more than 70 protocols, including social site APIs and broadcast commands, so users have what they need to build, deploy, and maintain interactive broadcast across multiple platforms.
  • "We knew we were onto something when we decided to offer our IS toolkit as a rent-to-own product, and the quick adoption by DRG and other high-prestige international agencies further validates our decision," said Lars Lauritzsen, CEO. "RTO empowers users to offer many new, highly desirable services to their clients. The innovative cloud-based access means they can do so affordably and without arcane technical knowledge, expensive hardware, or disruptive software installations."
  • A distinguishing feature of the RTO program is that more than half of the customer's license payments are credited toward eventual purchase of the software, meaning that the expenditure can be accounted for as an investment with the IP eventually being transferred to the balance sheet as an asset. In addition, never.noincludes a day of free training in the pricing, immediately enabling the user to deploy a host of sample services that can be pitched to its own customers
  • More information about products is available at

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