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The Speed of Light: Get Ready for 8K

Most manufacturers have stopped producing 2K products and solutions, replacing them with 4K. Which means 8K is the next logical step. Where does it stop? It won’t.

“Incredible data rates are required for 8K video,” said Joe Bocchiaro, principal consultant at the Sextant Group.

“In the past we didn't know that it was going to go from RGB to HDMI.” Signal transport is now digital. “Look down the road and look at what cabling might be necessary in the future,” he added.

“You can always throttle down at the beginning. We know more about what that looks like now than we used to. We couldn't see that far into the future, but now there is a clear path to future-proofing signal transport than there used to be. I like that,” concluded Bocchiaro.

Cindy Davis is the contributing editor of AV Technology. Stay tuned for in-depth 4K and 8K coverage and tutorials in the Technology Manager’s Guide to 4K in the AV Technology Feb/March 2018 edition.