The Rapid Assembly of Rental & Staging

Fewer industries run as a better-oiled machine than the world of Rental and Staging. Much like a symphony composer (but with a more haggard schedule and better taste in 90’s Grunge Rock) — leaders of R&S know what instruments it takes to create the exact ambience their audience craves. The criteria for good product is simple: It needs to be universal, it needs to maximize component compatibility, it needs to be safe and durable, it must be quick and easy to setup and teardown and it needs to provide for the high demand of cutting-edge final presentation. To anybody in the Rental and Staging world, none of this is “news,” but this isn’t a blog to reiterate challenges.

One of the biggest concerns in R&S is ensuring that each product being used is universal and compatible to any customer-requested configuration. Therefore, it’s essential to have a sufficient supply of universal projector andflat-panel mounts that can be easily assembled, proficiently used, disassembled and then reconfigured for the next project. Projector mounts like the PDS-PLUS offer customers a low-profile rental option, which has a loyal following due to its universal compatibility, cable routing, Lock-It security hardware, OSHPD approval and UL Listing. For customers seeking flat-panel displays, the CTM-MS2 mount offers 12 degrees of tilt in a universal format and can be mounted to walls, floor stands, carts and ceilings. From there, a variety of configurations can be made using cart or stand packages like the EB72-MS2. Poles are offered at various lengths and are interchangeable with stand and cart bases across the Premier Mounts product line. Adapter plates like the PP-5also enable universality by allowing a variety of mounts to adapt to whatever displays and projectors a project might require.