DPAA Video Study Could Boost Retail Market

What does this seemingly ad-related news today have to do with the larger world of installed AV and digital signage? A lot. If you don’t know the ad world jargon embedded in this news, you are missing out on one of the biggest stories in AV– the ongoing efforts by Brands and Agencies to harness the power of DOOH screens.

Until you can speak the language of DOOH (Digital Out of Home– that’s a subset of OOH that uses digital screens for advertising), DpB (Digital Place-Based, advertising that is– but specifically ads that are part of a real Network, not just random advertising peppered here or there in public), and finally “video”, you won’t tap into this huge market.

Video? Who doesn’t know what video is? 99% of our industry does not know the meaning of video, as the term is used by the Advertising community– it means TV-style advertising that is not married to TV network programming. As the DPAA says “The ‘Video Everywhere’ theme [of their conference that starts today in NYC] was adopted to reflect the rapid shift to a video agnostic world in which [Ad] planning and buying are no longer tethered to television alone.”

Indeed. Here is the press release from the DPAA today:

DPAA Develops its First and Largest Multi-Network Campaign for an Advertiser

Landmark Tri State Ford Dealers Pilot Program Generates Positive Impact to Media Plan

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2013Details of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association’s (DPAA) first multi-network campaign developed for an advertiser were unveiled today in conjunction with the DPAA’s 6th annual Video Everywhere Summit in New York. The landmark pilot program was conducted for the Tri State Ford Dealers in the New York DMA. The initiative generated increased reach and more efficient pricing, along with significant efficiencies in planning and execution for their market-wide television buy.

DPAA teamed up with Tri State Ford and its agencies Retail First, the retail marketing division of WPP's Team Detroit, and Kinetic, to create a multi-network DpB platform that was designed to deliver digital video impressions to hard-to-reach, light TV and auto intender viewers for six weeks during Q4 2013.

DPAA worked with its member networks to aggregate targeted impressions with full coverage across Tri State Ford's desired geography. DPAA also created technical, creative and media standards in order to facilitate the execution of a single buy.

Research conducted by Phoenix Marketing International showed significant improvement in upper-funnel metrics after only two weeks: brand awareness and unaided awareness among primary auto decision makers increased by approximately 30%. Many brand attribute metrics also improved, including overall positive impression, trustworthy, good value and technologically advanced consumers.

Deena Woodrow, senior vice president, Team Detroit, reported, “Positive impact to the media plan was achieved immediately. A25-54 GRPs increased 30% and reach increased 24%, along with the significant improvement in upper-funnel metrics reported by Phoenix Marketing.”

DPAA also measured lower-funnel benchmarks in order to provide Tri State Ford with an opportunity to optimize its DpB messaging strategy on an ongoing basis. These metrics included: visited Ford website, visited dealer website, visited dealer, took a test drive and took advantage of a promotion or offer.

Barry Frey, president and CEO of DPAA, said, “This was an historic milestone for our industry as we enabled Tri State Ford and its agencies one-stop-shopping of digital place-based media. The initiative provided ease, scale and coverage to all involved. This pilot program was an unqualified success and provides us with extremely valuable learnings as we work toward next steps in multi-network sales.”

The DPAA Summit was held at the Hilton New York with more than 500 industry executives -- a majority from the brand and agency side of the business – in attendance. The “Video Everywhere” theme was adopted to reflect the rapid shift to a video agnostic world in which planning and buying are no longer tethered to television alone. Consumers are encountering video content everywhere; out of home, in specific venues and on the go. In this new world order, digital place-based media stands out for its ability to reach consumers at the moment of truth on the way to making brand and purchase decisions.

About DPAA

Founded in 2006, the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) represents leading digital placed-based networks and works with the advertising community that is actively engaged in planning, buying and evaluating the effectiveness of the medium. On behalf of its members, DPAA seeks to foster ongoing collaboration between agencies and digital place-based advertising networks; provide standards, best practices and industry-wide research; and promote the effectiveness of digital place-based advertising. For more information please visit www.videoeverywhere.com. Twitter: @DPAAds

David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.