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d3 Technologies Spotlights d3 4x4pro, VFC cards and r13 Software at INFOCOMM 2016 in Las Vegas?

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d3 Technologies will be showcasing the 4x4pro and industry first Video Format Conversion cards, as well as the latest r13 software, at INFOCOMM 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 8-10, 2016. d3 will be exhibiting at stand #C6248.

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d3 is the world's first integrated video production platform with collaborative tools and streamlined workflows for designing, sequencing and playing back shows. By using one toolkit from beginning to end d3 customers save time and money and gain the confidence and ability to make changes on the fly without expensive and time consuming re-rendering.

d3 will show its flagship 4x4pro with Video Format Conversion (VFC) Quad-SDI output cards. d3's VFC output cards are an industry first: no other media server on the market offers the ability to gracefully transition from HD to 4K.

The VFC cards enable users to drive up to 16 HD or four 4K DVI outputs (1080p, 60Hz) from a single 4?4pro system so large, multi-projector shows can be delivered with fewer machines and no downstream splitter devices. This drastically reduces cost, rack space, set-up time and complexity; all without adding practically any signal latency.

The 4x4pro ships with standard DisplayPort 1.2 VFC cards to drive up to four 4K outputs per server. They can be swapped for Quad-DVI or Quad-SDI cards as needed.

Also on the d3 stand will be the 2x2plus, which brings the versatility and flexibility of the d3 platform to small events, theatres, fixed and architectural installations where budget is key but performance is critical.

The d3 2x2plus supports a wide array of codecs: DXV, HAP, HAP-Q, PJPEG and QT Animation. It drives two 2K outputs and has an extra output for the GUI; it plays 8 HD content layers (DXV/HAP) and two HD lossless content layers (QT Animation). The server has up to 16K pixels content canvas size and offers on-board or pro audio and dual 1Gbit/sec Ethernet.

d3's new r13 software release will also be in the spotlight which was released in May. With a mix of new and improved features, including a refreshed new look UI and new HMSF timeline which enhances the well known d3 workflow. Additionally there are improvements to matrix control, time code readout module and an upgraded web module.

About d3

d3 is the world's first fully integrated visual production system for video professionals, combining a real-time 3D stage visualizer, timeline, video playback engine and projection mapping tools into one product. d3's unique integrated workflow assists the designer at all stages of the project, from pitch through development to final delivery. For more information: www.d3technologies.com


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New Quad DVI Output Cards at New York Fashion Week

WorldStage became one of the first companies to use d3 Technologies’ media servers with new Video Format Conversion Quad DVI output cards for a live event in the US when it deployed the equipment during the fall edition of New York Fashion Week.

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Marvel Show Lights Up with d3 Technologies Servers

d3 Technologies media servers control a sizable array of projectors and LED for the immersive projection mapping, allowing characters to seamlessly travel between The Avengers’ tower and Loki’s fortress; they showcase Tony Stark’s lab, a landslide in the Himalayas and the top of the Statue of Liberty.