Lightware 25G Hybrid Router Takes to High Seas on 250-foot Yacht -

Lightware 25G Hybrid Router Takes to High Seas on 250-foot Yacht

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Lightware's 25G Hybrid 120x120 router marked its most unique installation to date with its integration on a 250-foot private yacht built in Germany. Lightware USA is the US distributor of products from Lightware Visual Engineering in Budapest, Hungary.

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The project has been three years in the designing and planning, which is typical for a yacht of this scale. The Lightware 25G router proved to be the best choice for the ocean-going vessel for a number of reasons. It offered an infrastructure with an upgrade path to accommodate UHD resolutions, such as 4K, in the future. The 25G system provides multiple control layers that allow more video, audio and control signals to run over a single fiber optic cable. This trims the overall amount of cabling needed to run to each room on board the yacht. In addition, the reliable 25G gives the crew peace of mind: It includes redundant hot-swappable power supplies and CPU boards as well as hot-swappable input and output boards and fan trays. The 25G is built for maximum system up time!

The Lightware 25G router features HDMI inputs for local satellite TV boxes in the yacht's staterooms and fiber outputs to feed Lightware MODEX receivers in the cabins. MODEX modular transmitters and receivers extend digital and analog video and audio, USB KVM, Ethernet and control signals over a single fiber or CAT5/6/7 cable. Lightware developed special mounting hardware to allow the 25G frame to slide in and out of the equipment rack and make the most of space in the rack room.

The integrator was blown away by the level of Lightware USA's post-sale support. Lightware's Greg Byrnes visited the customer twice in Miami. On the first visit he provided technical support and training testing and preparing the system for the client Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The second visit included Andras Vasko, from Lightware Visual Engineering in Budapest; the men offered additional on-site manufacture support for a client demo and FAT.

The integrator was so impressed with Lightware support that future projects implementing Lightware routers are under discussion.

About Lightware USA

Lightware USA is the US distributor of professional AV products manufactured by Lightware Visual Engineering in Budapest, Hungary. With the flexibility of the Lightware product line, the Lightware USA team is able to assist with the design for some of the highest performance systems in the world. Router sizes ranging from the robust UMX4x4-Pro up to the impressive 160x160 25G Hybrid give Lightware USA the edge over the competition when it comes to routing multiple video sources to the ever changing variety of displays in the industry. Their array of solutions for extending the highest resolution video formats including 4K and 3D over Cat or Fiber put Lightware USA on the forefront of cutting edge technology.

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