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Austin, TX – August 2013… In today’s corporate meeting spaces, the conference table is the cornerstone of the room’s entire AV system. The ability for meeting participants to sit down and easily patch in their laptop computer or other device so as to expediently commence with business is considered essential. Fish & Richardson Associates, a national law firm practicing intellectual property law, recently saw the completion of their new conference room and, at the heart of the space is a magnificent new granite table outfitted with AV interconnect boxes from Brea, CA-based Altinex.

Plano, TX-based Hardrox Custom Conference Tables, Inc., which specializes in custom designed conference tables for use in boardrooms and presentation spaces, was contracted to design and install Fish & Richardson Associates’ new conference table. Raymond Timco, the firms’ President, discussed the project and his reasons for including two Altinex TNP121 Tilt-N-Plug® Jr. Tabletop Interconnect Boxes into the table’s design.

“This particular meeting room handles a wide range of activities, including meetings among staff, with clients, training sessions, and related activities,” Timco explained. “After meeting with the client to ascertain their requirements and expectations for the space, we developed a 14-foot granite table and matching chairs with seating capacity for twelve people. One key requirement of the project was the ability to quickly and easily enable meeting participants to access the company’s network and the room’s AV equipment. On that note, we integrated two Altinex TNP121 interconnect boxes with a matte black finish—one each toward the ends of the table, positioned so as to be within easy reach from either end.”

When queried about his reasons for deploying Altinex TNP series interconnect boxes, Timco stressed several factors, “For us, we find the Altinex TNP121 interconnect boxes to be among the more popular models because of the ability to customize the various connectors on the connection plate. Further, the fact that each unit offers two power outlets makes it very convenient for more multiple people to have their laptop connected.”

“Equally important,” Timco continued, “we manufacture both wood and granite tables, and these units sit very nicely in either type of surface. When the TNP unit is closed, it sits flush to the tabletop surface, so papers don’t get caught and damaged as they are being passed among meeting participants. This is a critical concern with virtually all our clients, as nobody wants to handle dog-eared documents—it’s simply not professional in this type of environment.”

Timco also commented on two additional factors that make the Altinex Tilt-N-Plug units a solid choice. “The fact that these units are customizable is a huge plus,” he said, “as it enables us to provide exactly the types of connectivity the customer wants. And we really appreciate the fact that the TNP units come with their own ‘pigtail’ of associated cables—6 foot lengths for AV and data cables, 9-10 foot lengths for power cables. This design characteristic makes it very easy for the AV integrator to make the final connections to the room’s equipment.”

When designing today’s sophisticated AV systems, quality customer and technical support services are essential and, here too, Timco was very enthusiastic about Altinex. “Altinex is extremely responsive to its customers,” says Timco. “If I call in for a special combination of plugs or features, they are very quick to provide not only a price, but a color illustration of the unit that I can then pass on to the customer to show them exactly what the units will look like. This is extremely helpful and enables us to complete our projects that much faster, as it takes the guesswork out of the equation.”

Fish & Richardson Associates’ new conference room was completed in mid-May and was placed into service shortly afterward. Reflecting on the project, Timco offered these parting thoughts, “We make every effort to ensure our projects take a minimal amount of the client’s time so as to be as non-disruptive as possible, and the TNP121 interconnect boxes help make the tie-in to the actual AV equipment that much easier. We are very enthusiastic about Altinex products and look to increase our marketing efforts so as to expand the amount of business we do with the company. They’re a first-rate business partner.”

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About Altinex

Founded in 1993, Altinex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®. The company offers a line of switchers, extenders, distribution amplifiers, furniture connectivity products, and control solutions. Altinex is a USA based ISO 9001:2008 certified corporation that conducts R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing from its corporate headquarters in Brea, California. For additional information, visit the company online at or contact them directly at 1.800.ALTINEX or 714.990.2300.



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