The Wandering Boys Wander Into the Future of VR Music Technology with ImmersAV -

The Wandering Boys Wander Into the Future of VR Music Technology with ImmersAV

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – AUGUST 2017: ImmersAV Technology is proud to announce the release of their brand-new collection of bluegrass classics. But this isn’t just any release. The Wandering Boys: Chicago Bluegrass VR Special represents a bold step into the future of binaural audio technology coupled with high-definition 3D video to give fans a truly unique “you-are-there” point-of-view, virtual reality as they enjoy the hill-topping sounds of these talented musicians – Zach Washington on mandolin, Aaron Smith on upright bass, Rob Jensen on banjo and John Huber on guitar.

The Wandering Boys have refined a unique craft of rapid picking, clever arrangements and crisp four-part harmony which made them a perfect group to work with in this format. With this recording, we continued with our objective of creating practical 3-D immersive audio/visual experiences for consumers to enjoy on the most common forms of audio/video playback technology. The Virtual Reality aspects of this production are unique in that they feature six traditional bluegrass tunes recorded in a variety of formats: Binaural Audio for both headphones and loudspeakers, with and without 2D HD video. In addition, there are several tunes in 3D HD, for viewing with either side-by-side Google VR glasses or red-blue anaglyph glasses. Moreover, no expensive audio/video product purchases for consumers are necessary. The virtual reality experience increases with the quality of the audio/video playback equipment owned by the consumer.

Bob Schulein, founding partner and recording engineering producer for ImmersAV Technologies, shared, “I’ve always been a big fan of bluegrass music, so it was a real treat for me to work with the talented Wandering Boys allowing our production team to create this exciting ‘you-are-there’ musical and virtual reality experience.”

John Huber describes his experience: “I felt like I was there playing the music even though it was recorded and I was listening through headphones, because of the 3-D binaural quality.” Zack Whittington summed it up, “It’s like virtual reality, with incredible depth of field, for sound.”

The Wandering Boys: Chicago Bluegrass VR Special, which was recorded at WBEZ Chicago’s Jim and Kay Mabie Performance Studio, is now available for sale as a download or on a USB memory stick.

The Wandering Boys have made a name for themselves with a weekly Thursday residency at Cole's Bar in Logan Square and frequent appearances at storied Chicago venues – The Hideout and Schubas Tavern. Paying homage to the hard-driving traditional bluegrass they love, The Wandering Boys catch the attention of both casual listeners and die-hard bluegrass aficionados.


Founded in 2010, ImmersAV™ Technology’s goal is to provide consumers with a “You Are There” immersive entertainment experience using innovative video, microphone production and signal processing techniques. These techniques use patented microphone technology and proprietary ImmersAV Crosstalk Cancellation (CTC) filters.

For a preview of The Wandering Boys and other ImmersAV Technology productions, and for technical and support information, visit:
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And if you’d like to hear Bob Schulein talk about this recording process tune into the Home Theater Geeks on Thursday, August 17, 2017 to listen and watch the netcast. If you miss the airing, you can also view it at a later date at

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