Covid Adds New 28AWG Cables to the Active HDMI Extender Cable Line -

Covid Adds New 28AWG Cables to the Active HDMI Extender Cable Line

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Covid, Inc., a leading connectivity products manufacturer announced today they have begun shipping a 28AWG Active HDMI cable with built-in repeater.

In addition to Covid’s already popular 24AWG Active HDMI cable with repeater, the recently added 28AWG cables offer several advantages due to the smaller gauge size. Since these new cables are more flexible, they allow for a much tighter bend radius and are easier to install in hard to reach places. These 28AWG HDMI cables weigh less when compared to larger gauge cables, allowing for less strain on the cable connection where breakage could otherwise occur. This lighter weight cable also provides a more cost effective solution in comparison to other similar length HDMI cables.

Each of Covid’s 28AWG Active HDMI Cables ship complete with the Spear Head Pull System. This allows the cable to be pulled through conduit or other tight spaces with ease. The gold plated, T-Grip connectors provide a more secure connection, helping prevent the cable from accidental disconnect. The built-in circuitry is located inside the display end of the cable and is powered by the source device. The 28AWG Active HDMI cables are offered in several length choices up to 75ft. The 25ft. and 35ft. cables support 4K, 30Hz. The 50ft. and 75ft. cables support 1080p, 60Hz.

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