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Video Walls by Userful Enhance Fan Experience at Tampa Bay’s Amalie Arena

Video Walls by Userful Enhance Fan Experience at Tampa Bay’s Amalie Arena

Pro Sound, a Florida-based AV integrator, recently used Userful products in an implementation of a series of mosaic-style video walls at the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, FL, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team.

As part of the arena’s 2015 upgrade, Pro Sound deployed four mosaic-style video walls strategically located throughout the arena. Thanks to the flexible Userful solution, they were able to put an artistic twist on standard video walls with unique artistic layouts that showcase stunning views of the city and other local attractions in 4K UHD.

The Userful Network Video Wall was the solution of choice as it addressed all the arena’s requirements in a cost-effective manner. It offers the flexibility to rotate individual displays to any angle and allows the placement of displays anywhere on the video wall canvas, giving customers the ability to create highly customizable digital art walls while using 4K content.

Sean Miller, Pro Sound’s director of technical operations, lead the deployment team at Pro Sound. They deployed a total of 32 displays—a mix of 55-inch displays and 22-inch square displays—distributed in four unique video walls, each powered by a standard Intel Core i7 PC. According to Miller, “One of the things we like best about Userful, besides being able to fulfill all the unique requirements of this project, is that it’s a very simple solution. The learning curve was about 5–10 minutes. Userful kept offering technical support but it wasn’t necessary. It’s a very easy platform to use”

Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful Corporation, described the importance behind this deployment. “For a bustling multipurpose venue like the Amalie Arena, this is the perfect solution since it can transform and adapt to provide attendees with a memorable visual experience, be it hockey games, concerts, etc. This showcases the full potential and wide range of applications for the Userful Network Video Wall”

"The product's been great,” said John Franzone, VP of game presentation. “Userful allowed us to implement these uniquely shaped video walls to enhance the club and suite levels of the Amalie Arena. We were able to go live quickly by virtue of its configuration console [Userful Control Center]. The Userful platform definitely took our headaches away by its means of mapping content for the video mosaics. Now when we create new content, we know the system will support it.”

Game Changer Monitors Walls At the Tampa Bay Lightning from Game Changer on Vimeo.

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