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Glad to be Here

Glad to be Here

2017 was a heck of a year for all of us. So many new things and changes to process. Our industry is growing and evolving at a rapid pace. Heck, even our largest association changed its name.

New can be difficult and change can be taxing, which is why I find myself thinking about John Foley and the “glad to be here” movement. A quick recap: John Foley, a former Blue Angel, spoke at AVIXA’s AVEC in November, 2017. After each performance, the pilots sat down and had an open, honest conversation about what they did well, and, more importantly, what they didn’t. And they each ended their thoughts with “glad to be here.” They took things in, and thought of adjustments to make, but left with a grateful heart.

The message resonated with me so much that I have not one, but two #gladtobehere stickers on my computer. One is on the bottom of my screen so, even when I’m typing this, I can be glad. Glad I work in this wonderful industry, glad to have a fulfilling career, glad I have the technology to communicate with people across the world instantaneously.

The second sticker is on the front of my laptop. I can see it when my computer’s closed, and I’m done for the day; it reminds me of what a great day I had. However, perhaps even more significant, people sitting near me can see it, and I can spread the message of “glad to be here.” It tends to spark a conversation—I can give the backstory, but, more exciting than that, I get to tell others why I’m “glad to be here.”

Having an openly positive dialogue forces me to think about all the things that make me happy. Even when I’m having a bad day, it helps to turn that frown upside down, and puts me in a more beneficial headspace. I can allow myself to accept constructive criticism, and incorporate that feedback to improve myself and my body of work.

To up my happiness factor even more, I’ve incorporated another tip from John Foley that involves the old adage of beginning each day with a grateful heart. When you’re getting ready to hit the hay, you probably prep your bedside: getting a glass of fresh water, putting out your vitamins, setting your alarm. Add one more things to that list: a journal. When you wake up, immediately write down three things that are gratifying to you. You’ll start your day on an upbeat note, making it a habit for you to be “glad to be here.”