New Zytronic Multi-Touch Controllers Enable Ultra-Narrow Bezels

New Zytronic Multi-Touch Controllers Enable Ultra-Narrow Bezels

The What: Zytronic has launched a new generation of multi-touch controllers, which enable ultra-narrow inactive borders and improved compatibility with contactless systems.

The What Else: The new ZXY500 controller is increasingly being integrated alongside displays to enable payments, customer tracking, and battery charging technologies. RFID, NFC, and Qi phone charging all generate wireless signals that can interfere with the operation of conventional touch screens, but the new controller has signal-to-noise ratios and sophisticated algorithms that change dynamically to reject electromagnetic interference in the operating environment.

“Zytronic has set a new standard for touch performance, opening the door to a whole new set of features in interactive video walls and touch tables. The narrower inactive border we can now offer is completely in line with the trend for displays to be thinner with a maximum display area," said Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director, Zytronic. "We are also enabling new functionality to be added alongside the touch interface, such as contactless payment and loyalty card recognition. The new generation of ZXY500 touch controllers are easier to integrate into a system than ever before, and enable a faster, more responsive user experience even in demanding outdoor environments where users may be operating with gloved hands.”

The Bottom Line: Zytronic is releasing a family of three ZXY500 controllers optimized for different sizes of touch interface that can support up to 80 simultaneous touches enabling multi-user interactivity and the implementation of improved palm rejection functionality. The 64-channel ZXY500-U-OFF-64 is recommended for sensors of 5-inch to 20-inch diagonal, the 128-channel ZXY500-U-OFF-128 for sensors of 20-inch to 55-inch, and the 256-channel ZXY500-U-OFF-256 for sizes above 55-inches.

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