Tripleplay Support for Samsung SSP

  • IPTV and Tripleplay announced support for the Samsung Tizen System-on-Chip platform, complete with full Lynk DRM encryption.

“With around 10,000 end points deployed on Samsung SSP, we have seen genuine appetite and interest in system-on-chip technology and see it as a vital development for our clients and partners," said Dr. Peter Martin, Tripleplay’s chief technology officer. “Samsung has invested significantly in its system-on-chip platform, with Tizen providing an impressive step forward, and that investment is justified in the advances we have been able to make in performance on our latest software release.”Support for Samsung SSP Tizen will be included as a standard in the Caveman 1 software release due in early 2018 and the third major client device support announcement in as many weeks, following the announcement of its support for LG webOS system-on-chip and BrightSign Media Players.