The Great Reskilling: Cengage CEO Michael Hansen says higher ed must meet demand (University Business)

"Back in January, ed tech company Cengage released a report on the Great Resignation occurring throughout the United States. During that month, 4.3 million quit their jobs. The next month, another 4.4 million left their positions. The reasons varied, but more than three-quarters of respondents to Cengage’s survey said they wanted to make more money and felt burned out. They also said they felt like they weren’t growing in their positions."

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Cengage CEO Michael Hansen says higher ed can do more to help bridge gaps in the workforce. “Our current labor shortage is in part due to a need to skill more workers in in-demand industries, but also because of archaic hiring practices, broad degree requirements and a need for more support for alternative career pathways, like apprenticeships,” notes Hansen, adding “amid the Great Resignation—or as I like to refer to it, the Great Reassessment—workers are enrolling in courses and online training to reskill into other industries and may not have a traditional college degree to quantify their breadth of knowledge, competencies or experiences.”