The Changing Face of Collaboration at InfoComm 2020

Collaboration at InfoComm 2020 Connected
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The way we work together has undergone an abrupt modification. The line between work and home is as blurry as the future seems to be for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has put the spotlight on working together while we're apart. It's hard to say what will happen moving forward, and as diverse as the predictions are for what will happen as we return to "normal," one thing seems to be certain: How we work together has forever changed. The question is, to what degree? What opportunities will emerge as a result of our new reality? How will we respond, as the professional AV industry, to calls for a more thoughtful, user-centric set of tools?

To make up for all of us not being in one place, collaboration has become a matter of everything else all being in one place. The workspace revolution is bringing the everything-at-my-fingertips mentality into the AV arena with an expectation that the AV design will integrate a holistic solution.

Remembering that it isn't the end game that has changed so much as the way we get there, necessity seems to have galvanized the idea that content, space, and technology are equal partners in delivering a collaborative journey to the ultimate communication goal. We're beginning to understand that the tools have to be portable: We want--no, we expect--that we can write on walls, roll the display around, wirelessly share our own devices, and share anything and everything with a half-virtual, half-present team.

Don't miss these two sessions at InfoComm 2020 Connected that will address these shifts in the way we design and think about workstreams:

Seven Things You Need to Know About the Future of Workplace Design

June 17, 10 a.m. EDT

Kay Sargent, senior principal director of WorkPlace, HOK, will lead a team of designers as they present their list of what technology experts need to know about the future of workspace design. Joining Sargent are Pam Light, FIIDA, and Adriana Rojas, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED GA.

The Role of the AV Professional in Future UCC

June 17, 10:15 a.m. EDT

Brad Grimes, editor at large for AVIXA, discusses the roles AV professionals will play as collaboration drives new all-in-one solutions with Julian Phillips, executive vice president, Whitlock, and Nick Nienaber, head of audio-visual experience, WeWork. How will we respond to the need to scale and standardize AV solutions while providing the flexibility and fluidity the new workstreams require? What will the future “workplaces” look like and how will the AV industry accommodate the shift? The panel will leave plenty of time for your questions.

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