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SCN Stocking Stuffer: Brightline ZELo

Brightline ZELo lighting
(Image credit: Brightline/Mizzen Marketing)

“Good enough” lighting is generally not good enough for videoconferencing. Bad lighting is bad for business—and with so many people working from home, you never know what kind of lighting you’ll get. Your next Zoom may be populated by people that they look like they’re in witness protection, with back lighting washing out their features. Even office lighting can look dull and lifeless on camera.

For your sales staff, instructors, and anyone else who is on camera way too much, consider ZELo, the desktop studio light from Brightline. ZELo delivers broadcast-quality lighting in a solid fixture that can be raised, rotated, and angled to help you look your best. You can also adjust brightness and color temperature manually or through Brightline’s free app.    

Plus, Brightline recently introduced two accessories to save on workstation real estate. The ZELo Clamp replaces the light’s base plate with an adjustable clamp, while the ZELo Grip attaches to the light’s adjustable telescoping arm and holds your mobile phone so you can create better camera angles.

SCN Stocking Stuffer

(Image credit: Future)

SCN Stocking Stuffers is a seasonal series highlighting affordable tools for professionals on your “nice” list.

Mark J. Pescatore

Mark J. Pescatore, Ph.D., is the content director of Systems Contractor News.