SCN Hall of Fame 2023: Fred D'Alessandro

Fred D'Alessandro, SCN Hall of Fame 2023
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The Pro AV industry is loaded with talented people, and at SCN, we're proud to celebrate the achievements of the newest members of our Hall of Fame. 

Fred D’Alessandro may have not realized it at the time, but one of his high school courses would eventually change his life, inspiring him to form Diversified, one of the largest AV integration companies in the world. The course he took allowed him to explore the expansive worlds of AV, television, and film technology.

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“I found the course and the technology fascinating, especially when they discussed the future of AV technology and the user experience of the future,” D’Alessandro recalled.

This introduction to the AV industry led him to focus his college education on broadcast and AV technology, eventually leading to his first job as a production technician, then maintenance engineer, at a local television station. He had been offered the opportunity to work at a large broadcast network at the same time, but felt working at the smaller television station afforded him a greater opportunity to learn, grow, and work within the various departments at the station.

During his time as a maintenance engineer, he fell in love with the process of designing and building out new technology systems. Eventually, the television station he was with was sold, and he took it as an opportunity to start his own business, building technology systems for various media companies, financial institutions, sports teams, and government agencies. This led to the Diversified we know today.

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Highly regarded within the industry, Diversified has become the gold standard for large-scale deployments, and is responsible for some of the most complex AV systems in the world, including installs at the Chase Center, Empire State Building, and eBay’s Main Street. “When I started Diversified, AV technology use was limited and somewhat of a luxury purchase for many companies,” said D’Alessandro. “Now, however, AV and media technology are critical to the health and success of every company.”

D'Alessandro always knew the importance of offering advanced technology solutions—and in 2020, launched Diversified’s digital signage division, which few competitors can match in terms of variety of solutions and scale. Diversified has afforded many talented and hardworking individuals the opportunity to work on “once in a lifetime” projects, and for that, D’Alessandro is most proud.

“The pace at which AV technology continues to evolve,” he said. “It is never boring, and the pace of change forces you to constantly educate and re-educate yourself to remain relevant in the industry.”

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With his recent transition from CEO to executive chairman, D’Alessandro continues to play a critical advisory role within Diversified, using his expansive industry experience to strengthen client relationships and mentor associates within the company. Remembering how his passion for AV was sparked at a young age, he believes the industry has so much to offer those just starting out within their careers.

“Master the job you are given while educating yourself for the job you would like to pursue next,” D’Alessandro advised. “Build your confidence, but stay humble and be kind to everyone around you as you advance your career.”


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