PRI Releases Research On Retail RFID Deployments -

PRI Releases Research On Retail RFID Deployments

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The Platt Retail Institute has released its "Insights into Deploying RFID Systems in Retail" report, exploring how several retailers approached their RFID system deployments.

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Many retailers have rolled out RFID technology in their stores, while others are just now testing its ability to improve operational efficiencies and ensure a more accurate inventory count. The report discusses the experiences various retailers have had with their RFID deployments, as well as benefit from the insights that may be valuable to retailers considering the use of RFID systems.

In a round table discussion, four panelists offer their advice to retailers who are considering a test of RFID technology. The round table was moderated by Steven Keith Platt, PRI Director and Research Fellow, and Director of Research, Retail Analytics Council. The participants include Karl Bracken, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Transformation, Target, Marshall Kay, Partner, RFID Sherpas, Rene Saroukhanoff, Senior Director, Global Merchandise Planning, Reporting & Analytics, Levi Strauss, and Allan Smith, former Senior Vice President and CIO, Lululemon Athletica.


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Bringing Research to Retail

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