Mvix Launches Brand Experience Solution for Healthcare Providers -

Mvix Launches Brand Experience Solution for Healthcare Providers

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Mvix announced the launch of a custom Brand Experience Solution for healthcare providers. The solution engages patients via an integrated communication strategy – on site at the medical practice and online on social media.

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The goal is simple: an integrated communication approach will showcase the practice on social media and within the office to reinforce the brand, practice philosophy, and educate the patient, thereby improving profitability. Considering 87% of health care visits are to physician offices, this holistic approach to branding improves the online dominance of the practice and extends this to patients on site at the office.

Mvix’s solution provides healthcare providers with curated and custom content to be posted on social media and digital signage screens in the office. Curated content includes health tips and news, local health conditions e.g. pollen indices, local community events e.g. fitness events, and trivia to be displayed in waiting rooms to kill time. Customized content, the nucleus of the solution, includes reviews & testimonials, doctor and staff profiles, office spotlights, patient spotlights, doctor awards and accolades among others.

In this managed service, the content is shared and boosted on social media to attract more patients and improve brand awareness. It is simultaneously displayed on screens in the office to increase patient retention, decrease perceived wait times, and increase patient spending.

Reinforcing the content on multiple channels maximizes the ROI for customer experience efforts.

“The consumerism trend in healthcare means borrowing customer experience best practices from other industries like retail and foodservice,” said Mike Kilian, the Mvix Senior Director of Business Development. “More patients are writing and trusting health care provider reviews the same way they do with dry cleaners or salons. The same patients say social media affects their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility. This is fertile ground for healthcare professionals to provide educational content – online and onsite – that will attract and retain patients.”


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JCB’s New Brand Experience Powered by Electrosonic

Construction and agricultural equipment company JCB opened a new brand experience at its headquarters in Rocester, England. Electrosonic was on board to support the integrated AV presentations that play a key role in helping visitors interpret “The Story of JCB.” As the AV systems integrator, Electrosonic continued an association with JCB which goes back some 40 years.

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Videotel's HD2600 Selected for Healthcare Facilities

When Horton & Associates, a supplier of audio and video equipment for healthcare facilities nationwide, needed durable equipment to use in hospitals and treatment centers, it chose Videotel Inc. and its HD2600 industrial grade DVD player to become its reliable solution.

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Healthcare Messaging Group and Samsung Smart Signage

The Healthcare Messaging Group, a digital signage service provider for the NHS, is one of the first companies in the UK to switch to Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform, powered by Signagelive. Signagelive has configured its technology to integrate with Samsung’s Smart Signage Display range. The company’s new System on Chip (SoC) software is written in HTML5 and replicates the functionality of its PC-based software. The new software version is enabling The Healthcare Messaging Group to provide NHS hospitals with digital signage capabilities at a competitive price and without needing to install any onsite hardware.

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Aceso Digital Technology Implemented at Partners HealthCare

Aceso announced the implementation of our Hospital Television (HTV) Digital Signage product at the new 825,000 square foot, Partners HealthCare corporate office complex in Somerville, Massachusetts, Assembly Row. This represents the fifth Partners HealthCare facility using Acesos technology.

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Scala’s Healthcare Info-TV in Copenhagen

Scala, Inc has announced it is driving a large-scale digital signage network, running over 500 screens across 20 medical facilities, on behalf of Region Hovedstaden, the regional authority of Copenhagen, Denmark.