Much Ado About MOOCs: Where Are We in the Evolution of Online Courses? (EdSurge)

"A lot has changed since 2012 or, the year the New York Times dubbed the 'Year of the MOOC.' The premise back then was that classes would make high-quality online education accessible for all—and for free. Today, many MOOC providers now charge a fee. They’ve rolled out bundles of courses called ‘Specializations’ or ‘Nanodegrees.’ And popular providers like Coursera and edX are increasingly partnering with colleges and universities to offer MOOC-based degrees online."—Source: EdSurge

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Where do we stand now, seven years after the "Year of the MOOC"? EdSurge takes an in depth look, recapping history, examining offshoots, and giving a clear picture of the state of the model today.