LynTec Keeps the Lights on at Grace Community Church

IPS and LynTec power Grace Community Church
(Image credit: LynTec)

Integrated Production Solutions (IPS) selected LynTec’s RPC Remote Control Breaker Panels, RPCR Relay Panels, and XPC Series Remote Relay Modules to meet the distributed AVL power control and sequencing challenges of Grace Community Church in Brentwood, TN. LynTec’s modular solutions enable Grace Community’s staff and volunteers to power, protect, and manage its multizone digital audio, video, and LED lighting systems from a single front-of-house switch.

“The reality of cycling breakers on and off—no matter how few—just to turn on the system is not realistic. Facilities tend to leave their stuff on, or they forget to turn it off,” said Bryan Levy, IPS’ integration systems designer. “LynTec becomes a natural, consistent part of the system operation, making it nearly impossible to forget to power everything down and keeps things from burning out prematurely, especially in churches, where the equipment isn’t being actively used on a daily basis.”

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As many churches upgrade their AVL outfit with increasingly robust and sophisticated equipment, those AVL systems demand purpose-built power control. While the gear is used on average only about 5 percent of the week while services are taking place, they continue to draw energy the rest of the week, causing higher energy bills and prematurely shortening the life of AVL investments. With the AVL equipment completely powered off through LynTec’s distributed power control system, Grace Community can save utility costs every year and protect the life of the AVL fixtures with an intuitive system that eliminates the old process of going into an electrical room and turning breakers on and off.

Grace Community’s lighting outfit included 18 fixtures of Chauvet Ovation E-260WW, two Ayrton Perseo-S LEDs, six Elation KL Fresnel 8, and six Chauvet Ovation E-910FC. On the video side, IPS installed two squareV LED walls on either side of the stage. Audio includes a multi-element d&b audiotechnik P.A. speakers.

Supported by Luxul’s L2/L3 managed switches, IPS installed the LynTec RPC-348 master panel on the second floor of the church, a RPCR Automated Relay Panel with eight relays behind the stage, and XRS 20 rack sequencer in front of house to ensure the console is shut off in proper order.

Together, these solutions simplified an otherwise complicated project, eliminating the need for an electrician to wire the entire building and the extra labor costs involved. Another advantage of LynTec’s broad array of power control solutions is that they support the array of control protocols used today, including DMX, sACN, HTTP, Telnet, RS-232, or BacNET.

At Grace Community, all the circuits in every zone can be turned off with one LynTec SS-2LRP key switch at front of house. In addition, IPS was able to program LynTec’s system fire alarm contact closure to the building’s fire alarm system in less than 1 minute, meeting stringent National Fire Protection Association codes.

“The value of AVL power control—both from an ongoing operational costs perspective and from an equipment perspective—cannot be overlooked for today’s houses of worship,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “We’re honored that IPS has made our solutions an indispensable part of their projects. We not only provide power control options that are reliable, easy to install, and simple to use but also affordable enough for even the smallest worship organizations.”

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