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LAX Stays Alert

(Image credit: AtlasIED)

Coined “the voice heard around the world,” the AtlasIED (opens in new tab) GLOBALCOM communications system deployed by commercial technology integration firm Direct AV at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) propels both routine and critical messages, live and pre-recorded, throughout the facility and parking areas. As the preferred partner of LAX, Direct AV keeps a close pulse of the technologies driving communications throughout LAX properties, choosing AtlasIED as its preferred provider of modern mass communications solutions.

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The design and installation team at Direct AV has relied largely on AtlasIED for many tech updates at LAX throughout the years—with each expansion or renovation adding and refining features or functionality to the GLOBALCOM platform to keep on it on pace with the airport’s continual evolution. As Los Angeles starts gearing up to host the 2028 Summer Olympics, LAX is spearheading an unprecedented number of enhancements to its core GLOBALCOM communications systems.


(Image credit: AtlasIED)

“AtlasIED provides a high-quality product and system that is configurable to meet any eventual need of a transportation hub like LAX,” said Larry Frontino, owner of Direct AV. “The cross integration and scalability of AtlasIED’s platform (opens in new tab), paired with an uncompromising level of self-monitoring and reporting capability, make it a powerful player in an ever-changing environment.”

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Direct AV has configured and installed several new GLOBALCOM communications systems—including headend controllers, amplifiers, speakers, and microphone stations— within newly built additions and renovations of existing areas. The new systems interoperate with LAX’s existing GLOBALCOM infrastructure, enabling notifications to be shared among all terminals.

Additionally, Direct AV is leading LAX’s transition from its legacy CobraNet-compliant AV-over-IP communications infrastructure to the more current Dante standard. Regardless of which technology is employed in each are of the airport, the communications flow remains seamless and extends to the rental car facility. To get the job done, LAX currently utilizes 14 GLOBALCOM controllers, 107 Titan amplifiers, 428 microphone stations, and 9,845 speakers. These numbers are expected to climb as terminals and other facilities continue to be built or renovated.

LAX Interior

(Image credit: AtlasIED)

Be it via CobraNet or Dante, the AltasIED GLOBALCOM network shuttles pages from microphone stations and pre-recorded messages from the LAX communications command center to all gates or select zones. Should an emergency arise, routine announcements cease automatically and GLOBALCOM gives priority to critical life-safety notifications, such as evacuation instructions.

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Prioritization of messaging is vitally important to a transportation facility such as LAX. There’s absolutely no room for error when the safety of passengers, staff, and visitors is on the line. Messages must be delivered quickly and accurately, even when an airport is going through a massive renovation. GLOBALCOM ensured this during the LAX expansion through its integrated fault-detection technology and supervision capabilities.

“Large-scale projects like this can often interrupt the existing communications infrastructure,” Frontino explained, “but with AtlasIED GLOBALCOM, from the network to speaker lines, we are always fully aware of any disruptions, making it easy to address these events as they occur.”

To help streamline the implementation of GLOBALCOMM technology at LAX, AtlasIED engineers attend weekly Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) meetings and provide ongoing maintenance and support. By collaborating closely with LAWA on its product roadmap and development schedule, AtlasIED has customized many solutions for LAX. Together, LAWA and AtlasIED have pioneered new transportation-focused communications concepts that are setting a new standard for other airports.

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