How one university engaged its alumni during a virtual Centennial celebration (University Business)

"Each April for the past 36 years, the University of New Haven held a ball to raise scholarship funds and showcase student work, and in April 2020 a bigger event than usual was in the works. The institution’s Centennial celebrations had begun in the months leading up to 2020 as a way to meet people in cities such as Boston, New York City and Boca Raton and spur interest in attending the main event. Work on the ball had been underway since the summer of 2019."—Source: University Business

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Just like with a real-time, onsite gala, a virtual celebration should be memorable and engaging for alumni. In this creative example, the University of New Haven deployed a variety of spirited online engagements to get alumni fired up, including a mix of synchronous talks, pre-recorded videos, student showcases, and virtual "table hopping."