Historic NJ Theater Audio Upgrade Leaves Guests and Crew 'Blown Away'

1 SOUND gives its audio solutions a test run inside the Levoy Theatre.
(Image credit: 1 SOUND)

With its rich history and diverse portfolio of acts, the famed Levoy Theatre in Millville, NJ has undergone a full audio renovation, under the consultation of KMK Technologies, utilizing 1 SOUND premium speaker technology and designs.

"Through various trials and iterations, the Levoy has made a mark on the city and people of Millville as a vaudeville theater, Warner Bros. motion picture cinema, entertainment center, and more," explained Sean Pedrick, technical director for the Levoy. "Today, the Levoy hosts a variety of live musicals and plays, comedians and movies, tribute bands and national touring artists, children's Theatre programming, educational classes, and more."

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A 1 SOUND loudspeaker hangs at historic Levoy Theatre.

(Image credit: 1 SOUND)

Two Contour CT28 Point Sources were installed on each side of the proscenium, with an additional two dedicated for balcony seating, replacing the preexisting line array system. The Contour CT28 is a compact, three-way, horn-loaded loudspeaker, which has a medium-long throw and is capable of delivering a max SPL of 145 dB. This loudspeaker has a lack of distortion at higher volumes while sounding intimate at lower volumes, making this a perfect fit for this theater with its variety of performances. CT28 Wall Brackets were used for mounting to the proscenium, allowing for horizontal and vertical aiming of the speaker without having to remove it, in order to focus the loudspeakers easily for optimal coverage.

Six Panorama MS34s were utilized as front fills on the lip of the stage, linked to each other to run off of one cable. These are used with an M+S Controller, running all the MS34s in Mono + Stereo mode, this way, all the seats in their field hear stereo no matter what side of the audience they are in. These were selected to be flexible for when the stage thrust is removed and the layout changes from an orchestra pit to a rock band format. Three additional Panorama MS34s were mounted under the balcony as fills.

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For comprehensive low-end coverage, two SUB2112s were deployed on either side of the stage.

The inside of the historic Levoy Theatre in NJ.

(Image credit: 1 SOUND)

"My initial thoughts were those of doubt and suspicion," said Pedrick. "I thought I knew enough about speakers and sound to know what we needed and to never consider going with a company who I hadn't heard of... but boy was I wrong. After hearing a demo at our venue of 1 SOUND's Contour CT28s, SUB2112s, and Panorama MS34s, I was blown away. And after speaking with Lou Mannarino, CEO and primary audio designer for 1 SOUND, I was instantly a believer in this company. It is refreshing to speak to a CEO who cares more about developing great products than about selling you on existing products. Lou is one of those people who, when you are around him, you don't know whether to ask every question on your mind, or to sit back and listen to him speak what's on his mind... There is so much knowledge and wisdom to be had either way.

“Reception to the new 1 SOUND system has been overwhelmingly positive. Levoy Theatre board members, staff, and patrons have remarked how in some places the speakers disappear into the architecture of the theatre and in other places they actually enhance the ornateness of the building. Traveling artists and sound engineers have appreciated the even coverage and sonic clarity of the new system.”

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