Here's How VisibilityOne's New Plug-ins Enhance Diagnostics and Management

The VisibilityOne fall release includes three major enhancements, the Logitech Applet +; the PlugIn +, and the CloudHub +.
(Image credit: VisibilityOne)

VisibilityOne has released its latest update to include three major enhancements: the Logitech Applet +; the PlugIn +, and the CloudHub +. The fall release is aimed at enabling enhanced diagnostics and management for several UC platforms. The updated solution provides AI-driven fault resolution for conferencing technologies like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Crestron, Poly, and Cisco, along with remote hybrid users.

"Our offering gives our partners and customers an incredible level of new technical insights in a simple intuitive dashboard," said VisibilityOne CEO Jose De La Paz. "We are enabling IT departments and MSPs with the tools and knowledge they need to bring order to the chaotic hybrid collaboration ecosystem."

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The solution includes a Zoom Room Plug-in for the Mac OS platform, as well as tenantless diagnostics and monitoring for Microsoft Teams Room and Users; both enhancements enable feature-rich live diagnostics and management that go far beyond standard APIs.  Tenantless yet feature-rich, the MS Teams (Room/User) diagnostics and monitoring service is for enterprises that are concerned with privacy, security, or operate a trustless framework. 

VisibilityOne delivers high-availability features to reduce downtime, improve SLA performance, and self-heal common collaboration faults. A simple installation of the VisibilityOne Plugin will expand IT's capabilities to proactively assess, and action faults, live.

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The VisibilityOne fall release includes three major enhancements, the Logitech Applet +; the PlugIn +, and the CloudHub +.

(Image credit: VisibilityOne)

The enhanced plug-in provides a very focused solution that is unique in:

  • Algorithmic examination of device faults in real-time and automated system responses for rapid healing and correcting errors.
  • Being able to support the combined hybrid workforce of facility-based conference rooms as well as home-based workers seamlessly.
  • Support all major/relevant conferencing suppliers rooms including ZOOM, Microsoft, Cisco, and Poly—all in a cross-vendor application scenario, including those hosted on NUC, PC, and Mac OS.
  • Significant reduction in IT workload with a measurable improvement of SLA performance. 
  • Improvement in the end user experience by reducing downtime.
  • All relevant systems in the room and in the path of the network communications are monitored, alarmed, and part of the device's self-healing approach as part of a comprehensive IoT and UC monitoring platform.

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