Helping Adult Students Thrive Online (The EvoLLLution)

"For years, adult education theorists have worked to determine the best ways to teach adult students. From Malcolm Knowles to Jack Mesirow, John Dewey to Carol Kasworm, and many others, adult educators have worked to incorporate the best methods to help their students succeed in academia. As with other educators, I felt that I knew the best ways to educate students. I had worked with learners at public institutions, a private liberal arts college and community colleges. My youngest adult student was 25 years old, and my oldest was in her late 70s. My thoughts adjusted as I worked with each group, but the basis of my thoughts on teaching learners remained static. Then, COVID-19 happened."—Source: The EvoLLLution

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Every student has different needs when it comes to learning. This was abundantly clear during the quick shift to online learning last semester. Adult students may be less tech savvy than their younger peers and shouldering different responsibilities — make sure you are supporting them as they get familiar with new learning environments.