Glory Star TAURI Tablets Ease Temperature Checks for AA Metals

Glory Star TAURI Temperature Check tablet
(Image credit: Glory Star)

TAURI temperature-sensing tablets from Glory Star are helping to streamline operations at AA Metals, one of the largest aluminum and stainless steel distributors in North America. As an essential business and COVID-19 Response Supplier, AA Metals was early to install the TAURI Temperature Check tablet—a touch-free, highly accurate temperature check and messaging system—in its Florida headquarters and warehouse to protect employees and customers and maintain operations critical to the nation's infrastructure.

"I've been in IT for close to 30 years and have learned to look at new solutions critically," said Nestor Rentas, Jr., senior IT administrator at AA Metals. "TAURI's price point and features make it an exceptional value. It's high quality, incredibly stable, and durable. Like the other Glory Star tablets we use, it has exceeded my expectations."

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The TAURI Temperature Check tablet enables customers, employees, and guests who need access into the facility to be swiftly and comfortably scanned. The tablet combines an advanced sensor and body heat algorithm for fast temperature accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 0.3 degrees Celsius) and a refresh rate of 64Hz. Guests are scanned in three seconds and from up to three feet away, providing an efficient process. It immediately identifies when a person is running a temperature, and therefore should not enter the premises and issues a written alert. To ensure a positive, anxiety-free experience, the system's result message can be customized. For example, if a higher than normal temperature is detected, the tablet can display a message such as, "Please wait for human resources to assist you."

The tablet features include face detection, optional face recognition, and an HDMI output. Face detection differentiates a human face from other objects. Facial recognition detects when a person is not wearing a face mask and issues a reminder. The HDMI output allows results to be mirrored on a second screen, such as one located behind a reception or security desk, to keep human resources' data private and secure.

TAURI is designed as both an immediate and long-term communications tool. It can share personalized messages or act as digital signage. When the organization no longer needs to scan temperatures, that feature can be deactivated while the message feature can continue to be an integral component for welcoming guests into the building or for advertising. The result is greater long-term ROI.

"Like many businesses around the world, AA Metals is being launched into an uncharted territory facing the pressing need of establishing a new set of safety protocols," said Cindy Cheung, chief commercial officer of Glory Star. "TAURI helps to lessen the burden and anxiety that COVID-19 has created with worry-free, streamlined temperature checks while empowering companies with a solution that will benefit them years from now."


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