Finally, an AV-over-IP Solution that Delivers 4K Video, Dante Audio and Data Over the Same Network

AV integrators know that high-quality, uncompressed 4K over IP is coming to serve video walls, populate digital signage and be carried over video extension systems (both point to point and point to multipoint).

They also remember the equipment and software compromises that disparaged similar technological advances – such as the transition from NTSC to HDTV – in the past. Lacking adequate equipment to carry higher bandwidth signals, integrators had to cobble together combinations of existing equipment to do the job.

Now 4K over IP looms with much larger bandwidth demands. But, this time around, there is an AV-over-IP solution available that can carry uncompressed 4K video (4:4:4 at 60 Hz) over a modern 10-GbE network. Developed by Black Box, this new hardware-based product (with supporting software) is the MCX Multimedia Management System. MCX is available in two models:

Black Box MCX Product Group

Black Box MCX Product Group (Image credit: Blackbox)
  • MCX S7 can multicast 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 uncompressed video over IP to an unlimited amount of remote displays, along with data.
  • MCX S9 includes every MCX S7 feature and adds advanced video wall scaling options, such as multi-view, picture-in-picture (PiP) and split screen. Plus, the Dante-enabled model carries two channels of Dante network audio.

“MCX delivers up to 4K 60 hertz 4:4:4 video uncompressed over 10G with the lowest latency and switch times available in the AV marketplace,” said Jonathan McCune, director of product management for AV and infrastructure at Black Box. “MCX enables true AV/IT convergence at the enterprise level with the use of the 10G SDVoE platform. This eliminates any compromise between low latency, low bandwidth and high video quality — and does so on the same IT data network that supports the enterprise.”

All-in-One Advantages

The MCX S9's ability to carry uncompressed 4K video, Dante audio and data across the same 10-GbE network without latency or traffic congestion issues has huge implications for AV integrators. (Worth noting: The MCX S9 is the first commercially available video-over-IP solution to incorporate Dante audio transport. It can do this over a mixed copper and fiber network.)

First, the MCX S9 allows AV integrators and IT managers to install 10-GbE networks with confidence; safe in the knowledge that this network architecture will be able to handle all of their advanced AV and data needs.

Second, the product’s all-in-one capability ensures a single 10-GbE network is enough to support the entire enterprise, making it ideal for corporations, convention centers, schools and colleges, airports, stores, stadiums, video production facilities or any other organization utilizing digital signage, video walls and data.

Third, having everything in one box eliminates the need for standalone Dante boxes in the network and the extra routing, integration, power and maintenance issues that running standalone units demand.

Finally, having 4K video, Dante audio and data on one network simplifies the management and provisioning of existing video walls and digital signage; this also makes it easy to add on walls and monitors in the future.

The Bottom Line

The Black Box MCX Multimedia Management System allows AV and IT managers to meet their clients’ demand for uncompressed high-quality and high-performance video, audio and data — all on a single 10-GbE network. It satisfies the need for an all-in-one solution for converged 4K AV and IT networks today and going forward.

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