End Point Corp. Launches Interactive Platform for Conference Rooms

The What: End Point Corp.’s immersive technology team has launched Vision.Space, an interactive platform that lets users control touchscreens, video walls, shared laptops, and WiFi controllers with a swipe of a finger.

End Point Corp. Vision.Space

End Point Corp. Vision.Space (Image credit: End Point Corp.)

The What Else: Central to Vision.Space is a content management system (CMS) that enables groups to quickly and easily build multimedia presentations for the platform.

With a system architecture based in Linux and ROS (Robot Operating System), Vision.Space provides a secure, stable, and flexible environment for companies seeking to display extensive geospatial data sets in a concise and interactive manner.

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Vision.Space was created to incorporate any number of displays in a video wall configuration. Each display is maximized for resolution and shows a geometrically-adjusted viewing angle to avoid the fish-eye distortion commonly seen on conventional video walls. 

The platform also incorporates touchscreens placed around the room, enabling participants multiple input sources to manipulate and interact with the visualizations presented. A “meeting director” can incorporate and guide multiple inbound video streams via an intuitive interface on an iPad or tablet controller. Directing someone’s laptop image to any screen in the room is as easy as swiping a video thumbnail into the appropriate square on the tablet.

The Bottom Line: The Vision.Space platform combines custom server hardware with commercial displays and touchscreens, and is a conference room system for enterprise-level companies in commercial real estate, logistics, travel, and other industries.

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