Diving Into Audio Demo Rooms, Part Two

Diving Into Audio Demo Rooms, Part Two

At InfoComm, pro-audio exhibitors may talk about their latest gear like proud parents, but sound products are not children—they should be seen and heard! With that in mind, you owe it to yourself to hear all the offerings inside the 23 audio demo rooms here at InfoComm.

Inside N111, Community Professional Loudspeakers is focusing on two things this year—its 50th anniversary and the new IV6 Modular Vertical Array, intended for permanent installation, which can be configured as a line array, a constant curvature or an adaptive array. Next door in N112, Martin Audio is introducing Sound Adventures, a 3D immersive sound experience created in cooperation with its partner Astro Spatial Audio.

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Nexo demonstrates the new Yamaha DZR line of powered speakers

Meanwhile, in N113, Yamaha and Nexo (pictured) are demonstrating the new Yamaha DZR line of powered speakers and CZR passive speakers, along with the new DXS-XLF powered subwoofers. Also on-hand are Nexo’s NXAMP4x2 MK2 and NXAMP4x1 MK2 amplifier models—new additions to the Nexo range of NXAMP TDcontrollers.

dBTechnologies has plenty to see inside N114—including its newest software, Aurora Net; the U.S. premiere of the Opera Unica; the VIO L208 and S118R line array boxes; the ES 1203 column PA; the Ingenia loudspeaker series; and more. Over in N115, QSC is unveiling its new Premium Business Music Solutions, including multi-zone mixers, wall controllers, configurable multi-channel amplifiers, SUB/SAT loudspeakers and installation and management apps.

Eastern Acoustics Works is ensconced in N116, debuting its new RSX212L line array module and RSX18F subwoofer. The two new RADIUS products are designed for both touring and permanent install applications. Meanwhile, in N117, RCF has a ton of new items to hear, like the HDL 30-A line array, HDL 38-AS flyable subwoofer, additions to its NX Multipurpose line, and more.

Over in N118, D.A.S. Audio is presenting a ton of good stuff, including its LX and UX series subwoofers, while over in N119, d&b audiotechnik has been packing the crowds in with demos of its new d&b soundscape technology, made possible by the DS100 Signal engine.

Not all the demo rooms are on the first floor, however. You’ll miss out if you don’t head upstairs to check out the three on the second level. Earthworks is discussing its conferencing, live sound and measurement microphones in N203/204. Over in N209/210, KV2 Audio is presenting its ESR212 + VHD2.18J; ESR215 + VHD2.18J; SL412 + SL2.15 + VHD2.21; and EX15 + EX2.5 MkII + ES2.6. Last but not least, Clair Brothers can be found inside N211/212, ready to rock your socks off with a room full of loudspeakers, including the new 10Spot Coax Point Source with curved array technology and S2-CX Coax Point Source, both intended for small and mid-sized venues.