D&H Distributing Announces Esports Certification Course

SMB and consumer technologies provider D&H Distributing has launched an esports certification program in collaboration with the High School Esports League (HSEL), the Varsity Esports Foundation (VEF), the Esports Education Network (EEN), and the Middle School Esports League (MSEL). The program delivers resources, materials, guidance, and a video-based training curriculum to help dealers better market esports technology. The certification will include a badge that D&H partners can use on their websites and social media outlets that documents their expertise in these technologies.

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The EEN “K-12 Esports Provider Certification” program came about when D&H conferred with its K-12 Advisory Board, a partner engagement group that D&H established to discuss best practices and real-world needs in the education marketplace. These providers expressed a need for an organized curriculum to help them capture the growing high school esports opportunity, including a certification insignia that could be leveraged with end customers. 

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D&H has been cultivating relationships with professional high school and higher education esports organizations such as the HSEL, VEF, EEN, and The National Association of College Esports (NACE), emerging as an early supporter of the collegiate and K-12 gaming category. The program is the only such esports-based certification offering in the channel marketplace today, according to the company. It leverages expert content and business acumen from some of the category’s foremost associations and educators, providing comprehensive resources and information to allow partners to sell and market solutions in this invigorating, youth-oriented sector.

The curriculum includes a series of on-demand units and lessons presented by coach Connor Alne, former esports arena manager for the National College Gaming Association. The certification is available as of July 1 and will cost $200 per registrant, but D&H is offering its partners vouchers to complete the program at a discount. The goal is to educate more D&H partners on these solutions and how they can best be marketed to school district decision-makers. 

“As this sector grows, D&H will work with dealers to become the early authorities in esports deployment,” said Peter Hurley, director of D&H’s pro AV business unit. “This will involve pro AV categories such as direct-view LED video walls, traditional LCD/LED video walls, auditorium-venue projectors, large-viewing-size projector screens, professional audio, networking, and IT solutions of high-performance gaming hardware, components, and accessories. Each district that adds an esports program represents a potential sale of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, or even installation of a full-on gaming arena. The possibilities of this burgeoning field are considerable.”

“D&H’s proactive approach to engaging partners in esports is admirable,” said Bubba Gaeddert, the executive director at the VEF. “They’ve helped drive the category to the forefront in their channel, including by recommending the launch of this program. We’re excited to dedicate our resources to this exceptional certification, and we appreciate having an impressive partner like D&H working alongside us.”

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