Configuring Your Dream Car Made Possible by Philips LED, Digital Signage Displays

PPDS helps CUPRA redefine the car showroom experience using Philips LED and digital signage displays.
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Car shopping just got a little more exciting in Munich. With the help of PPDS (opens in new tab) and Philips LED and digital signage solutions, CUPRA is redefining the showroom experience. 

With over 350 authorized dealers and over 390 service partners, Spanish automobile powerhouse CUPRA is fast becoming a driving force in the electric car world, with its range of customizable racing inspired models for the street, track, or off-road fun.

The new era of automobiles has welcomed a new era of technology— both within the cars, and across the brand. That’s why when the CUPRA flagship showroom was set-up in Munich, it was just as important to have the right tech that reflects the brand’s authority on innovation. What CUPRA needed was a cutting-edge system that allows them to create a localized identity, whilst also having the flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing demonstrator and showroom models within the dealership.

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Driving change

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To turn their vision into a reality, CUPRA teamed up with MEKmedia and PPDS for a showroom like no other. Together, a custom solution was designed and deployed in less than three days. To ensure absolute showroom flexibility, a modular display set-up was created to allow for fast and versatile content playback.

Three Philips L-Line LED displays and an oversized 65-inch Philips screen were installed to showcase the features, branding, and benefits of each model. The display set-up was designed in such a way that they could be shifted to match the various showroom configurations, as well as being utilized in the front windows to attract more traffic. This set-up also allows for the car configurator to be utilized, enabling customers to create their dream car live on-screen—an important aspect to the CUPRA brand. This resulted in significantly greater brand awareness, customer interaction, and staff productivity.

“PPDS delivered the perfect solution with their Philips displays and flexible way of working,” commented Erik Händler, head of DND, SEAT Deutschland GmbH.

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Showroom Benefits

PPDS helps CUPRA redefine the car showroom experience using Philips LED and digital signage displays.

(Image credit: PPDS)

The digital enhancements are both beneficial to the customer and CUPRA. The showroom can be configured effortlessly thanks to a modular design, enabling various events to be held throughout the year. Along with simplified installation, the central system is easily updated, as all staff can push new content without being a trained Pro AV expert.

The retail car configurator brings a new element to the customer. Customers can configure their dream car live on screen to see how it will look before placing their official order. This increased customer confidence while also reducing the amount of demonstrator models required.

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