Clear-Com's Latest Update Enhances Networking, Redundancy, and Workflow

(Image credit: Clear-Com)

Clear-Com Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Intercom’s latest software update, version 13, delivers important networking, redundancy, and workflow advancements. The initial release, EHX v13.0, includes N+1 IP card redundancy and network redundancy, as well as Layer 3 support for AES67 endpoints. A soon-to-follow release, EHX v13.1, brings an industry-first innovation with role management advancements for a streamlined configuration process, and improved user experience, making it easier for users to stay connected.

“Clear-Com understands that users are constantly looking for improvements to both usability and reliability of their intercom system,” said Stephen Sandford, senior product manager at Clear-Com. “With EHX 13 we’re offering greater redundancy options, as well a truly game-changing feature with role-based workflows. We’re thrilled to continue to support our Eclipse-based systems with these ongoing improvements and innovations.”

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Redundancy is critical to ensuring that the Eclipse-based system will remain functional, even if there is a potential network failure. The new N+1 card redundancy feature allows a single (or set of) E-IPA card(s) to function as a backup if a primary card fails. In the event of a card failure, the card’s full configuration is transferred to the back-up card, ensuring a virtually seamless transition. Users can vary the N+1 ratio as well—one card can back up one card, or one card could back up three—ensuring the option for a cost-effective deployment. Users can proceed with even more confidence in the uninterrupted performance of an Eclipse-based system with the new LAN connection network redundancy feature that allows E-IPA cards to have two network ports configured to separate networks. If the card senses a network failure, it will immediately switch communication to the second network. This solution can support a fully or partially redundant network, providing the user with the flexibility to place key devices on a partially redundant network. 

Finally, EHX 13 delivers Layer 3 (network layer) support for AES67 endpoints, allowing users to manage PTP offset timing, improving performance especially in larger networks (WANs). Layer 3 traversing will also allow PTP-based devices on different sub-networks to communicate without central syncing, providing more flexibility in the deployment of endpoints.

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Who isn’t looking for a smarter approach—to almost anything? In EHX 13.1 Clear-Com delivers a unique feature with role-based logins, streamlining configuration and allowing users to quickly move from device to device without missing a beat. System administrators are able to set a single key to contact a user regardless of the device they are logged on—saving the effort of having to configure several keys in the instance that a user moves between several devices during a production. On top of this, the user experience is greatly improved, with a simplified login to whichever endpoint device is closest at hand, with keys that autofill their specific configuration. Role-based workflows is the way of the future—an intercom experience that is efficient, personalized, and seamless.

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