BrightTree Studios Expands to D.C. -

BrightTree Studios Expands to D.C.

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BrightTree Studios has opened an office in the metro-D.C. area.

Brian Gross

Brian Gross, CTS-I, CTS-D

Spearheading the expansion is AES fellow Brian Gross, CTS-I, CTS-D. Brian’s extensive network, industry experience, and technology design know-how make him an asset to the BrightTree Studios design team, and a key component of the firm’s out-of-state development.

Though the BrightTree design team can work anywhere, the office in the metro-D.C. area will mean greater access to the federal government marketplace, as well as widespread growth in other regions of Washington, Baltimore, and northern Virginia.

D.C. presents a demanding set of challenges for a technology design firm—security challenges, architectural challenges, time challenges—but what amplifies all of these is the kind of spotlight only a company operating in D.C. feels, and the consequently fast-paced, high-pressure work environment to which it must adjust.

Gross said he feels confident in the new office.

“Certifications and such are very important, but what a lot of the industry is missing is absolute experience,” Gross said. “Knowledge doesn’t equate to experience, and process doesn’t automatically mean success.”

BrightTree's new D.C. address is 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 190-628, DC 20004.


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