BrightSign-enabled Bluefin LCD Displays Integrate with Converge Retail’s Platform

BrightSign-enabled Bluefin LCD Displays Integrate with Converge Retail’s Platform

BrightSign and Converge Retail have announced integration of BrightSign-enabled Bluefin LCD touch displays into Converge Retail’s portfolio of inline, tabletop and standalone kinetic retail displays. 

“This latest integration is a testament to the durability and versatility of the BrightSign/Bluefin solution,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “Seeing the Converge Retail platform in action is a glimpse into the future of retail, and we’re excited to play an important role in making that future vision a reality in today’s retail environment.”

The Converge platform features rail-mounted, 13.3-inch Bluefin LCD displays that slide laterally as customers browse products on display. The touch-interactive displays – powered by BrightSign’s HS123 system on a chip (SoC) solution – provide information about complex products, enabling customers to configure design options, discover and compare similar products in a category, and view an expanded range of products and their availability both in-store and online.

“The BrightSign/Bluefin solution is ideal in that it’s rugged and stable enough to withstand the rigors of near-constant use in a retail environment,” said Paul Chapuis, CEO of Converge Retail. “Purpose-built signage hardware running a dedicated, commercial-grade operating system is the ideal solution for our business as we turn our attention to larger-scale roll-outs.”

One additional advantage of the BrightSign/Bluefin solution is the flexibility to integrate multiple displays into a single fixture. For example, an auto-configurator could feature a touch-interactive tablet as the primary customer interface, while a larger display reflects the customer’s model, trim line and color selections in real time.

Converge Retail – which recently demonstrated its platform NRF 2019 – recently inked deals with Costco, Fred Meyer, MotoMe, Ace Hardware and other major club channel retailers. The increased scalability made possible with the BrightSign/Bluefin collaboration paves the way for further expansion with key brands and retailers.

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