AVIXA TV Studio Streams From the Show Floor

Four hosts discuss the day's events at InfoComm 2024 on the AVIXA TV set.
(Image credit: InfoComm Show Daily)

When it comes to content production, AVIXA doesn’t merely talk the talk—it walks the walk and streams the stream as well, as evidenced by the AVIXA TV Studio running throughout InfoComm. Located in West Hall (Booth W2645), you can watch its broadcasts live on the show floor, but they’re also viewable in the lobbies of the LVCC and streamed across all major social media platforms, including LinkedIn and YouTube.

“Content production and streaming as a whole is really blossoming—the convergence between broadcast and AV is going to be a very common topic this week at InfoComm—so we wanted to showcase some of the latest technology and how it is more accessible now than ever before,” says Samantha Minish, vice president of content delivery, AVIXA. “We felt that it's really important to tell AV stories using audio and visual technologies, so the AVIXA TV Studio was built to highlight content production, streaming, and virtual production. It’s an end-to-end solution designed to replicate what you can build out in a corporate environment; we have technology from Ross, Ikan provided the lights and teleprompters, we've got Shure audio, and there’re Sharp NEC displays.”

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Building a full-fledged TV studio on the InfoComm show floor is no simple matter, and a great deal of planning went into it as a result. “Serendipitously, I was at our UpStream event in London last year, speaking on a panel, and we were talking about innovations,” says Minish. “I made a comment about wouldn't it be cool if we could just have a virtual production studio? Ross approached us and said, ‘We think that would be really cool. Can we see if there's something here?’ They've been an amazing partner; we’ve been developing this in earnest for the last six to eight months, but it's been about a year in the making.”

The result is a facility that began booth construction nearly a week ago, as it required rigging, system installations, broadcast lighting, and more. The first AVIXA TV Studio broadcasts were scheduled for Tuesday as preview streams; taking place even as surrounding booths were still under construction. That meant the studio itself had to be completed and fully functional by Monday night.

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While the AVIXA TV Studio may broadcast live streams daily at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. from the show floor, there’s plenty more happening at W2645, as the facility is hosting workshops and panels aimed at all sorts of stakeholders—from the marketers who want a studio in order to up their content marketing game, to the engineers, AV tech managers, and consultants who will design, build, and keep it running.

The AVIXA TV Studio maybe a temporary facility, but its presence at the show won’t be temporary at all. Much like a hit TV show that gets renewed before it has even aired, the studio is already set to return—and around the world at that. “This is not a one-time deal anymore—it’s a staple,” says Minish. “We are going to bring this next year to ISE and then InfoComm again, so this solution area is here to stay for the industry.”

Clive Young is the content director of Mix, a Future brand that covers professional recording and sound production technology.