ATEN Launches New KVMP Switch for Real-Time Monitoring

ATEN Technology has added the 4-Port USB 4K HDMI Multi-View KVMP Switch to its Multi-View KVM product series.

The What: ATEN Technology has added the 4-Port USB 4K HDMI Multi-View KVMP Switch to its Multi-View KVM product series. Designed to improve the operational efficiency of real-time monitoring and control in both pro AV and IT applications, the CM1284 boundless switch enables users to manage data more efficiently by allowing multiple video sources to be selected, switched, and displayed simultaneously with independent keyboard and mouse control.

The What Else: Patented ATEN technology allows users to switch KVM focus among multiple sources on multiple windows by moving the mouse cursor. It features a better-defined HDMI connection with video resolutions up to 4K30 for clear and sharp visuals, and Video DynaSync—an exclusive ATEN technology—automatically detects horizontal and vertical offset values of each computer’s display settings and synchronizes them with the monitor in use. This eliminates boot-up display problems and optimizes the resolution when switching among different sources. In addition, EDID Expert technology allows users to select optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up, high-quality display, and use of the best video resolution across different sources. Essentially reducing the switching delay, it smooths the transition between different sources being displayed on the console monitors.

The CM1284 features multi-view output and a full-screen output for improved real-time monitoring functionality; multi-view console display modes include Quad View, Picture in Picture (PiP), Picture by Picture (PbP), and Picture on Picture (PoP). Users can daisy chain up to three additional CM1284 units from a single console or cascade up to two levels to control 16 computers/video sources. Other features include full bass response for a rich experience for 2.1 channel audio; HDCP 1.4 compliance; power-on detection and auto scan; and multilingual keyboard mapping, with support for English, French, Japanese, and German keyboards.

“As more USB-enabled devices enter the market, ATEN continues to meet the demand of multi-view functionality by offering a convenient way to connect external USB peripherals via our KVMP switches,” said Aaron Johnson, product manager at ATEN Technology. “The CM1284 dual switch streamlines access to critical information from multiple systems, facilitating real-time monitoring and control for multi-system operators.”

The Bottom Line: The CM1284 is well suited for control rooms, surveillance/command centers, and programming and post-production environments that require constant, seamless switching and control between different computers from multiple systems for real-time critical decision making.

ATEN’s 4-Port USB 4K HDMI Multi-View KVMP Switch is available for $2,292 MSRP through ATEN’s channel of distribution and reseller partners.

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