A Digital Signage Marketing Campaign... on Your Back?

A 21.5-inch digital signage display showing hearts on someone's back as they walk through a convention.
(Image credit: Vic Weng)

Human billboards, with their twirling of signs and dancing on street corners, certainly grab our attention on the morning commute. Imagine if those same people had a digital marketing campaign strapped to their back?

A burger and hot pepper in stunning detail is presented on a 21.5-inch digital signage display on a backpack.

(Image credit: Vic Weng)

Vic Weng posted a video of the possibilities of just that. Whether it is on campus, at a trade show, or in a flea market setting, people can walk around with a 21.5-inch LCD backpack billboard. It is Wi-Fi enabled, has 1080p resolution, and operates on Android OS allowing for quick updates and customizable layouts and graphics.

[Digital Signage on the Go]

Check it out:

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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