5 Myths About Remote Work

5 Myths About Remote Work
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Think all remote employees sit around in their pajamas all day? Nope. Let's dispel the top five myths about remote work in the tech industry.

Myth #1: People Who Work Remotely Don’t Actually Do Any Work

There have been a ton of studies on the benefits of remote working for employers. Check out this study from Stanford, which shows that people who work from home are actually more likely to complete a full shift of work than those in the office. Or this article in the Harvard Business Review that talks about the fact that remote employees are more engaged at work than their in-office counterparts.

Myth #2: Remote Jobs Mean You're Working All of the Time

The truth is, if you have workaholic tendencies, working too much is something you have to look out for whether you're in an office or remote.

The best employers will stress work-life balance, encourage you to take time off, and will notice if you’re answering pings and emails late into the night…and yell at you to go to bed.

Myth #3: You Can Work From Anywhere You Want

Okay, okay. You can work from bed if you really want to—just remember, you'll need to jump on video calls every now and then.

The bigger factor that plays into where you can *actually* work remotely from is… you guessed it…Internet. As awesome as it might sound to work from the middle of a National Park or on a boat somewhere, if you don’t have internet, you don’t have a job.

Myth #4: Remote Workers Are Anti-Social

You don’t have to feel isolated when working from home. You don’t have to worry about having no work friends. No matter what job you have, any remote position at a tech company will mean that you are constantly connecting with your co-workers, clients, and partners.

Myth #5: Remote Jobs Pay Less and Don't Come With Benefits

Remote tech jobs should pay you just as much as you’d get in an office. And you’ll have the flexibility to enjoy it more, what’s better than that?

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that if you’re applying or interviewing for a remote job and it pays less than you’d get paid in office…run!

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