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Watch: Jupiter's 21:9 displays are front and center at InfoComm 2022

AVNetwork takes you back to InfoComm 22 in Las Vegas as correspondent, Rich Fregosa speaks with Justin Shong, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Jupiter. You’ll want to tune into this video as Shong puts a stake in the ground, “We're all in on 21:9. We only build 21:9 monitors, and if anybody else follows our lead and wants to be a ‘me too’—they are a 16:9 house coming out with 21:9.” Jupiter firmly believes that 21:9 is the best form factor in every way, “from optimizing the human visual field of view; it's the best way to immerse yourself in the product, and from a conferencing equity standpoint, especially when you talk about interactivity,” he said.

Key highlights from Jupiter’s booth at InfoComm 2022 were their three 21:9 interactive display sizes, their agnostic platform, collaboration, and their partnerships. Starting with the 105-inch that can be hung in portrait or landscape, and the 81-inch, both of which can be interactive. Then there’s the one everyone watching this video is going to want tomorrow—the 21:9, 34-inch interactive desktop version that has a camera and speakers built-in, and it can articulate like a drafting board.

“We don't do 16:9,” Shong added. “We think it's Betamax—it is the past. 21:9 is what the future is going to look like.”

Watch the full interview to learn more:

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