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The Technology Manager's Guide to Esports

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Tech Manager's Guide to Esports

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More colleges and universities have developed esports programs in recent years and are taking it to the varsity level. We talk with manufacturers to learn what trends they're seeing in competitive gaming and how you can take advantage of this booming industry. 

Anatomy of a Facility

Gaming hardware is always evolving, and that means the AV systems at the heart of training centers and esports arenas must be capable of handling a lot. We reach out to experts to find out what it takes to future proof a campus gaming facility.

Game On

Case studies of six universities' esports facilities offer a strong example to follow in giving student gamers a competitive edge. 

New Products

A roundup of the latest pro AV products for esports.

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AV Technology Staff

The staff of AV Technology serves the community of decision-makers comprising AV/IT technology managers and directors, instructional technologists, and anyone making or influencing AV/IT technology decisions within their respective facilities and institutions.