The Nine 2021: Gladys Marroquin

Gladys Marroquin, SCN: The Nine 2021
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Title: Audiovisual Consultant

Company: Newcomb & Boyd

Location: Atlanta, GA

LinkedIn: Gladys Marroquin

Overtime: Marroquin enjoys riding bicycles to clear her head. She’s also an avid gamer.

Why You Need to Know Her: Gladys Marroquin, 27, has never shied away from learning something new. She has always rolled up her sleeves, consulted with mentors, and got down to business. She is now an up-and-coming leader in the AV consulting field. Her journey has not always been an easy one, however. For a time, she contemplated leaving the industry following some rough treatment she received based, she believes, on her gender. “Women and other marginalized folks often feel undesired by the industry, for different reasons. When you are trusted, supported, and given more responsibility, it makes a real difference in how you see the industry,” said Marroquin. “It’s the individuals who take the time to get to know you and believe in your success who make the difference and shift the playing field in your favor.”

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Tech Crew: Marroquin got her start in AV at the University of Florida, inspired by some students with “Tech Crew” uniforms sporting walkie-talkies. She was fresh out of high school, had an interest in technology, and—most importantly—needed a job. “I thought, whoa, that seems cool,” Marroquin recalled. “How do I get into that?” After some apprehension about her interview (she didn’t have interview attire at the time), she was hired and got her first experience with supporting basic meeting spaces. From there, she sought opportunities to support larger live events and began helping as a stagehand. Before she knew it, her horizons had broadened and she began working toward a new goal of becoming  a crew chief and leading teams during major events.

At the time, she was being mentored by friend and coworker Chester Viray, who taught her about signal transmission, EQ best practices, and gain structure. “I really lucked out with having Chester take me under his wing like he did and in such a kind, patient, judgement-free way,” said Marroquin. These newly acquired skills gave her confidence to take on as many shows as possible and eventually led to her becoming crew chief, a position that often requires formal training. As crew chief, Marroquin gained experience in pre-event coordination, managing teams, and facilitating training.

[ Gladys Marroquin took part in the 'Stop. Collaborate. And Listen.' Panel at the 2020 AV/IT Summit. ]

Consulting: After completing college, she received word that Waveguide was looking for field agents. She packed her bags for Atlanta and got her first taste of consulting. Her role at Waveguide sent her across the country to visit job sites and assist with the final phase of projects, which is often when the schedule is most demanding. She eventually moved into the design department and gained experience in the drawing and design side of consulting.

Mentorship Matters: After three years at Waveguide, Marroquin transitioned to a new role with Newcomb & Boyd, where she has been ever since. “I am surrounded by colleagues who want to see me succeed and are supportive of what I do,” she said. Marroquin is currently being mentored by Britton Gates, CTS-D, CTS-I, a senior associate at the firm, whom she says is an excellent role model. She aspires to possess his level of expertise one day. “I think the moral of the story from my personal experience in AV is that having people around you who are willing to support and encourage you through your career is necessary for women to gain traction in the industry,” said Marroquin.

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