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The Latest Racks and Mounts for AV Installs
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Racks and mounts are the literal backbone of the industry. They hold up all of the more glamorous AV equipment, and we often forget to acknowledge how easy (or difficult) a mount can make an install. Here’s a collection of the latest and greatest mounting innovations the industry has to offer.

Chief CMS348

Chief CMS348

Chief  CMS348

Chief’s new solution reduces image movement from common building vibrations caused by HVAC, foot traffic, road traffic, and doors. Designed for large venues with heavier projectors, the CMS348 accessory handles 35 to 100 pounds, all while fitting in a two-by-two-foot ceiling tile space. The patented design connects two Chief CMS extension columns and isolates vibration transmitted down to the projector. 

Peerless-AV DS-LEDP

Peerless-AV SmartMount Video Wall Mounting System for Direct View LED Displays (DS-LEDP)

Peerless-AV DS-LEDP

Peerless-AV’s SmartMount Video Wall Mounting System for Direct View LED Displays (DS-LEDP) offers a space-saving design that can be adapted to support various LED display sizes and brands. Features include integrated cable management, easy-hang hardware, adjustability on the X, Y, and Z axes, a light aluminum frame, and a pop-out mechanism for ease of installation and maintenance.

Premier Mounts FWM Series

Premier Mounts FWM Series

Premier FWM Series

The FWM series of LED mounting solutions features a sleek design that sits less than two inches off the wall—making it ADA compliant and scalable as each frame is a module that can create small or massive video walls. Pre-drilled slots made specifically for each LED manufacturer’s tiles hold the LEDs securely in place and each frame is 100-percent made in America.

Crimson VWG3U

Crimson AV’s new VWG3U Unistrut mount is designed to make video wall installations of any size quick and easy. Mounting directly to Unistrut channels, the 200-pound capacity VWG3U installs in minutes, according to the company. The use of a single Unistrut channel ensures that data and electrical locations are easily placed. Its patent-pending, one-touch lock-and-release mechanism and push-in/pop-out technology allow for ease of post-installation servicing. It was created for seamless alignment of video walls on virtually any wall surface.

Middle Atlantic FlexView

Middle Atlantic FlexView

Middle Atlantic FlexView

Middle Atlantic Products has expanded its FlexView Series line with new IFP display carts that incorporate device mounting, power distribution, and aesthetic finishes into a sleek, sturdy design. The extra-large carts feature a weight capacity of 300 pounds and large VESA mounting capacity. Designed to make IFPs accessible to all users, the series’ height-adjustable carts are equipped with the company’s e-lift feature and comply with ADA regulations regarding reach ranges.

B-Tech’s Professional Video Wall Mount with Quick Lock Push System (BT8310)

B-Tech BT8310

B-Tech’s Professional Video Wall Mount with Quick Lock Push System can be used to create multiple video wall configurations in both landscape and portrait formats. It features a pop-in, pop-out system to enable quick and easy access to the rear of mounted screens for servicing and maintenance; it also showcases eight-point micro-adjustment for making accurate screen alignment.

rpVisual Solutions (RPV) Wallmate

The RPV Wallmate family of products integrates the back box, display mount, and AV device mounting into a complete system. Both the 16-inch and 32-inch models attach directly to the studs. The in-wall AV box has space to accommodate peripheral and signage boxes. Wallmates can support up to a 300-pound display and features knock outs for junction boxes and conduit.

Question: How does choosing the right rack or mount save installers time and money?

“By choosing the right mount from the start—one that offers adjustability and easy-hang hardware—integrators are able to spend less time making calculations and adjustments, reducing overall installation time and costs.”

—Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President, Peerless-AV

"Choosing the right rack must be based on the type of equipment being mounted and where the rack is going to reside. System designs need to ensure all devices large and small can be properly secured in the rack while accounting for proper thermal, cable, and power management."

Jay Franetovich, Application Engineer/Product Manager, Middle Atlantic Products

“Ease of installation and servicing are key considerations—having the ability to preset the tilt on a mount prior to installation as well as post-installation leveling/height adjustment are timesaving features that help to speed up the installation process. Mounts with an open wall plate design allow for the routing of cables and electrical through the wall to the mount.”

Hal Truax, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Crimson AV

“An installer-friendly mount should go from box to wall without any extra assembly, and be easy to service in all applications—whether wall, ceiling, or floor—because with integration, time is money.”

Curtis Rose, Marketing Manager, Premier Mounts

“Ultimately, time is money when it comes to installation services. Leveraging a rack or mount specifically designed in response to installation challenges will not only help ensure a timely installation, it also helps overcome unforeseen issues that are out of the installer’s control.”

Nathan Bohl, Sr. Director Product and Brand, Chief


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